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about us

Özsoy Law & Consultancy Bureau

Established in 2002, Özsoy Law and Consultancy Bureau is a dynamic law firm providing services to local and foreign companies, institutions and individuals in many fields of law in Turkish or Eng-lish languages upon request.

Our Law Firm aims to deliver legal solutions in compliance with codes of conduct, moral principles and international quality standards by analyzing the needs and expectations of each individual, company and institution in consultation.

Özsoy Law and Consultancy Office represents their clients in the preparation of the legal infra-structure of undertaking, investment and commercial relations of all scales, from small enterpris-es to industrial investments with extensive budgets; conducting legal risk analysis, setting up, interpreting, negotiating and implementing contracts, providing legal contract management ser-vices. In the process of resolution of legal disputes, our firm provides conciliatory advocacy ser-vices to natural persons, companies and institutions as well as attorney services in arbitration and litigation proceedings.

20 years of experience